Adrian Pancucci

Adrian Pancucci

Adrian is a professionally certified Coach and Facilitator and an Associate at White & Lime Ltd, a people development consultancy specialising in calm, confident and inclusive performance.

He has been working in the fields of communication, adult learning and organisational change for over 20 years and has been consulting since 1999 as founder of The Edge Partnership.  

Areas of expertise include Leadership and Team Development. His specialism is coaching teams and departments to interface brilliantly, even during periods of major disruption and change. He provides strong, inspiring and courageous support to people as they face the often daunting changes they need to make. 

Recent clients include Chief Executives, VPs, Directors, senior managers and leadership teams in companies such as Siemens, Médecins Sans Frontières, Total, Astra Zeneca, The European Investment Bank, OECD, Phoenix Community Housing and Evyap Russia.

An accredited Professional Certified Coach with the International Coach Federation, Adrian is also a Certified Organisational & Relationship Systems Coach (ORSC). As a faculty member with CRR Global, the creators of the ORSC model, he train coaches, consultants and corporate executives in Relationship Systems Coaching and Systemic Leadership in Europe, the Middle East, Asia and Africa.

Coach, Facilitator
Paris, France
Adrian is an outstanding coach. He enabled me to identify, enhance and leverage my personal strengths and take my leadership of the company to a higher level. Where I found Adrian’s work particularly helpful was in supporting me to take confident actions in difficult situations and in enabling me to think clearly about the next steps that were needed. He is also an exciting coach who brings enormous amounts of insight to his work through his extensive research and work in the field.”

Paul Bridge
Chief Executive Officer

Over the past two years, Adrian has worked closely with executive leaders, managers and teams within the business to create a common understanding and framework of leadership that comes from within the organisation rather than a concept that is imported externally. Adrian is extremely deft at creating trust at an individual level and that has translated into learning environments that are focused on creating awareness and learning without judgement, even when they include cross-functional and cross hierarchical players.”

Pria Rai
Director of People Services

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