Gail Barrie

Gail Barrie

Gail is a certified Coach, Facilitator and Associate of White & Lime Ltd, a people development company specialising in calm, confident and inclusive performance.

Based in San Francisco, California, Gail has an international portfolio company through which she offers coaching, consulting, education, facilitation and creative services for individuals and groups. Since 1999, her passion for engaging and expanding the range of co-creative potential has served within private, non-profit and corporate spheres from CEOs to prison inmates, from common folk to public figures, from her own backyard to Siberia.

Areas of expertise include: Leadership Development, Team Development and Building Resilience  She has worked with executives filling a wide range of roles from senior to mid-level positions in various industries including technology, finance, communications, health and human services, marketing/branding, manufacturing, and creative consultancy services.

Gail is a Professionally Certified Coach and has spent several years on the faculty of the world leading Coaches Training Institute (CTI) as a senior trainer of their core curriculum, certification, and faculty training programs. She was also on faculty at CRR Global as a pioneer trainer for advanced level Organization and Relationship Systems curriculum. Blending 30 years’ experience in personal and professional development with her vocational expertise, Gail champions her clients to live, work, and evolve with greater spirit, authorship, integrity and power.

Coach, Facilitator
San Francisco, United States of America
What’s most impactful about working with Gail are the positive changes I’ve seen in myself. Gail’s methods apply practical and applicable skills that can be used in the corporate world and in your personal life. I’ve been able to see tangible results on my path to become the most mature version of myself. Gail also challenges me to stretch my boundaries and reach for new heights. What continuously impresses me and draws me to Gail is her empathic insights and intuition. The balance between her right and left brain that she brings to her work is her unique value proposition!”

Jeanne Tari, Director of Learning Strategy
Juniper Networks

I have a very demanding career, and I know that performance is a product of living in balance with the other equally important dimensions in my life. Gail is an extremely wise woman who provides ongoing support as I navigate the inherent tensions in being a performer at work and at home.”

Ward Hendon
Entrepreneur/ Investor/ Corporate Advisor

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