Create calm confident inclusive leaders and leadership teams ready for the 2020s

Leadership has always been complex and demanding. But the 2020s present a fresh set of demands that previous generations weren't necessarily asked to think about:

  • “Keep engagement high whilst driving high performance”
  • “Stay focused” even with 24/7 noise from multi-platform communications and the latest tech
  • “Be an expert in inclusive leadership and mental health”
  • “Translate the organisation’s rapidly changing cultural aspirations (like “We promote flexible working”) into your thinking and practice” - without guidance or role modelling from above 

Hardly surprising then, that many leaders are struggling to meet the demands.  Gallup’s 2018 evidence shows that only 15% of the global workforce can be defined as ‘engaged’. We hear stories every day that indicate a significant gap between aspired company culture and policy, and the reality of employee experience.

Our leadership approach creates Calm, Confident, Inclusive Leaders, who know how to get the best out of themselves and the teams and organisations they are part of. We believe that great leadership (and the resulting improved commercial outcomes) come naturally when you focus on getting two key things right: the quality of your thinking and the quality of your relationships.

We start with the quality of thinking, using our resilience model to enable leaders to rise out of fire-fighting towards greater focus and clarity of judgement.  This enables leaders to clarify strategy and lead their workforce to deliver it through the art of expectation setting and support. 

We then work on relationships:  

  • We teach systems thinking, to help leaders understand their context and their impact on others; direct reports, wider teams; peers, bosses and senior stakeholders.   
  • We share our decades of experience in performance management and development, sharing tips on goal setting and coaching to enable better listening, distributed leadership and deeper, more honest and trusting relationships, which underpin engagement. 
  • We educate leaders on how to have uncomfortable conversations about performance, mental health and diversity effectively and how to accept discomfort and vulnerability as part of a new paradigm of leadership. 

Leaders will experience this framework in different ways in our Core Leadership programme, our Team Development packages and our Executive Coaching.  See sections below for more detailed information on outcomes and content.

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How we create this change

Choose the products to help you and your organisation

Core Leadership Programme

Develop calm confident inclusive leaders ready for modern challenges

As a result of this workshop you will:

  • Know what it takes to be a great leader in the 2020s
  • Have improved the quality of your thinking, focus and resilience
  • Know how to set a clear and meaningful strategy
  • Understand systems thinking and your impact on creating a peak performance environment inside and outside your team
  • Be more skilled at leading, coaching and motivating others
  • Be more comfortable having conversations about diversity and mental health
  • Have the confidence to make the impact you want to in 2020

Three day programme – two day workshop plus one day workshop (one month later)

Team Development Packages

Focus on trust and relationship building as a route to peak performance

Teams that trust each other are able to challenge each other’s ideas and debate issues honestly without fear of retribution. This leads to outcomes that are more creative, well thought through and robust. When all voices in a team are welcome, decision making is more effective and more likely to represent your customer base.

When people feel a sense of belonging and connection to their close colleagues it enhances their well-being and leads to better team performance. Shared ownership of collective success trumps individual competition and is better for business growth. 

Our team development days enhance the relationships within your team, setting the whole team up to thrive in a constructive and inclusive environment.  

By the end of a team development workshop, all team members will have:

  • Understood the principles of systems theory and the immense impact of relationships on team performance
  • Got to know, trust and understand each other better 
  • Identified the strengths and potential blind spots as individuals and as a team (individual and team dynamics)
  • A shared commitment to an effective way of working together to achieve peak performance 

One day team workshop

Bespoke Team Development

In addition to our standard one-day team development programme, we also offer bespoke Executive team development packages or packages for teams who need help to work through a particular challenge or conflict.

Our facilitators design engaging and purposeful short and long-term programmes, using a unique blend of our own White & Lime diagnostic tools, Systems Theory, Myers Briggs Type Indicator, the TMSDI, FIRO-B, Thomas Kilman, and the Five Dysfunctions model.

Our systemic approach reveals what’s currently happening within the team. The group is encouraged to voice all perspectives, even the less popular ones, so that it becomes more self- aware and better skilled to work with conflict and generate robust, positive debate.  Once the team has a strong understanding of itself, and a sense of collective responsibility for team performance, solutions naturally emerge.  

Executive Coaching

Having an Executive coach means creating the space to reflect and work on what’s important to you and the organisation. It also means being challenged to stretch yourself to be the best leader you can be. 

During a typical six-month coaching assignment, you can expect to define and meet specific personal development or organisational goals of your choice and emerge with a greater sense of confidence and purpose. Coaching goals can be around any topic, and we know we attract clients who want to use our expertise in leadership, resilience, confidence and inclusion.  We are often hired alongside leadership development initiatives (like our Leadership 2020 programme) to help change the culture of organisations.

We listen, challenge, stretch and hold our clients to account.  Awareness is raised, good intentions come to life, and the result is more capable and impactful leaders. 

All our coaches are passionate about people and potential. We see the best in everyone we partner with and care deeply about the long-term impact of our work. We all have established track records in the business world and great depth of experience and credentials in professional coaching.

Contact us to explore how executive coaching could accelerate your career and personal growth.

Monthly coaching sessions for six months

Kate’s a fantastically practical and insightful coach… she makes me a better leader.”

Louisa Leonard
Senior Vice President Risk and Chief Risk Officer, RSA Canada

I've worked with Fiona now for nearly 3 years and over that time she has transformed me from a coaching cynic into a coaching fanatic. Consistently my oasis of calm in a hectic work schedule she has enabled me to cut through the politics and emotion of many a tricky situation and clearly see the best path forward. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her to anyone for coaching and team development.”

Chris Mellish
CEO, Razorfish UK, Publicis Group

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